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Casarte promoted their brand with stage truck

November 07, 2019    

In 2019, Casarte further successfully promoted their brand in Chinese big cities through mobile roadshow exhibition trailers. It is obvious that Chinese home appliance market is increasingly fierce competitive among various brands. Is there any good promoting and advertising channel which can beat your competitors and attract more audience? How can Casarte use the mobile roadshow truck to stand out in the marketing of home appliance market and establish its own unique brand awareness? In this article, you will learn how Casarte can create experiential marketing through impressive roadshow marketing activities, and deliver the high-end concept of the brand to consumers.

Market challenge faced by Casarte, the new home appliance brand
When you want to promote your band in the market, the challenge will surely stand out. In fact, the situation is even worse for Casarte to start advertising and occupy the market in China. They are faced with more difficult troubles mainly including these following challenges:

Challenge 1# The growth of the home appliance industry slowed down, and offline sales accounted for the main part of the marketing.

Let us list the number. In the first half of 2018, the overall growth rate of China's home appliance market slowed down to 5%. This is not goods new for Chinese quantities of home appliance manufacturers. When the growths of sales declined, it will take more pressure to each partner of the whole industry. More advertising will be put and more marketing promotion will be hold. It would be a real tough time for Casarte and other brands. In this message, you should not ignore one truth and it will answer why Casarte use mobile showroom stage truck for promoting. The news is that the proportion of offline channel retail has reached 70%, which is far exceeding online channel. One of the Chinese largest home appliance shop retailer, Suning, has a growth rate of 19% in home appliance business. This data is important for Casarte to decide how to promote their brand to be top class.

Challenge 2# The home appliance market competition is chaotic, and these brands are fighting price war.

In the household appliance industry, the marketing competition is not in good order . Once the market promotion did not work well, these brands and manufacturers in China will pick up the magic weapons of "price war". Let us look back to year 2015. The air conditioner market was full of storms and one of the leading enterprises started the price war, which made continuous disruption of the industry. Now Casarte determines to set relatively high prices of their home appliances products. The average unit price of the pricing benchmark is 3 or 4 times of the industry average product price. This is not good news for Casarte if the price war starts during its advertising promoting activities.

Challenge 3# Casarte's own brand has a short time and low market recognition.
Casarte, which is Haier's home electronics brand, was established in 2006. Compared with other famous brands such as Samsung and Siemens, there is still a brand value difference for audience. Casarte's coverage of high-end consumer group advertising is not high, and Casarte's technical advantages and brand concept are not well understood, which makes Casarte unable to become the first choice for consumers to buy.


Casarte uses LED mobile roadshow truck as offline marketing solution

After comprehensive consideration of the current situation, Casarte decided to carry out offline brand marketing around mobile roadshow vehicles.
In the field of home appliance marketing, the traditional way of promoting is teaching consumers. In this marketing concept, consumers can only passively "listen" and "see". In most case, there is no real product experience opportunity for consumers. With the increasingly fierce upgrading of consumer economy, the consumer's experience demand in home appliance purchase has also increased. Casarte decided to seize this opportunity to build the industry's first high-end home appliance mobile home or mobile showroom, which is based on creating the scene of high-end home appliance industry with mobile roadshow display truck for branding.

Casarte experience truck design before manufacturing

Casarte mobile showroom truck design before manufacturing


In 2019, Casarte cooperated with the most professional advertising roadshow vehicle manufacturer in China to provide 12 high-end home appliance exhibition vehicles for this roadshow. It has a large stage area, and provides a complete set of high-end home appliances. There are high-tech home appliances such as TV, air conditioning, washing machine, water heater, freezer which are installed in the advertising truck. Consumers entering the truck can experience the high-end lifestyle in different scenes. The construction of the whole truck can be automated, and can be completed with one key intelligent operation.

Casarte mobile exhbition trailer under construction in Siwun factory

Siwun helps Casarte manufacture exhibition trailer in factory

Siwun workers are installing Casarte products inside the showroom trailer

Siwun workers are installing Casarte products onto roadshow trailer

Casarte products displayed inside exhibition truck

Casarte products display inside exhibition truck


Marketing campaign of Casarte mobile experience truck improved branding awareness

On March 16, Casarte launched 12 caravan truck in Chinese big cities simultaneously and broke the long-term single product oriented exhibition mode in the industry. It will focus on displaying high-end and intelligent home appliances solutions with better experience. In this campaign, Casarte builds home experience formed by embedded design, and attract many consumers who are planning to decorate their families. 

Casarte exhibition truck are holding promoting event

Casarte exhibition truck are holding promoting event


Consumers are experiencing equipments from Casarte roadshow truck


In 2019, Casarte gained 43.7% of the market share above 15000RMB high-end refrigerator and 76.9% of the market share above 10000RMB washing machine. With the development of advertising campaigns in China, Casarte is experiencing the high-end growth in 2019 and leads the trend in the industry. From simply selling products to underline roadshow experience campaign, Casarte has entered more high-end market in Chinese market with mobile exhibition truck. We can say mobile showroom trucks have opened a new promoting revolution in home appliance marketing.

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