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Siwun Vehicle attended the 14th China OOH Communication Conference

May 27, 2017

The fourteenth China outdoor communication conference, hosted by Asia, was held in Zhengzhou. The theme of the conference was “ Intelligent communication ” and nearly 1000 big names in the outdoor advertising industry and Internet leaders gathered together to discuss the advertising industry development strategy. Siwun has been invited as a member of participating enterprises to explore the trend of out-of-home media industry development and made a insight view of mobile led advertising trucks.

Siwun attended the 14th China OOH Communication Conference

Siwun brought the new product advertising campaign truck for marketing promotion to this meeting. To show the guests the unique advantage of the advertising truck, Siwun marketer explained the unique design, multiple functions and better custom experience of this truck. Equipped with led screens, hydraulic stage and media system, this brilliant campaign truck is flexible to drive all cities. It will offer client with everything fresh and new outdoor promote experience in many industries. Many companies stopped at the vehicle and was attracted by the concept of mobile advertising truck, which has been highly recognized by the majority of the guests.

Siwun roadshow stage truck in the meeting

As an intelligence roadshow truck leader and manufacturer, Siwun has been providing customized advertising trucks for hundreds of clients across different industries. These advertising trucks made by Siwun have traveled more than 300 routes, more than 10000 sites covered 30 provinces and nearly 1000 small cities in this country. Siwun vehicle will continue to produce qualified mobile led advertising truck and develop the OOH advertising media industry in China and worldwide.