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Siwun attended the 4th Guangzhou International Commercial Vehicle Exhibition

November 13, 2018

The 3rd Guangzhou International Commercial Vehicle Exhibition is going to be held from NOV. 16th to 18th in China Import and Export Complex. Siwun T-40D roadshow exhibition container semi trailer was displayed in this exhibition to display the innovation and application of advertising commercial vehicles.

Siwun t-40d semi trailer in Guangzhou international commercial vehicle exhibition

As the top advertising truck manufacturer in China, Siwun sent double deck roadshow container semi trailer to this exhibition.

8:00 a.m The container trailer arrived in the morning.

8:20 a.m The hydraulic system started lifting so the second deck was built.

8:25 a.m The stage was open automatically so the stage was ready.

8:30 a.m The extension box was open.

8:35 a.m The promoting material was ready to load off.

8:45 a.m The stage was fully completed installation.

9:00 a.m The roadshow semi trailer was ready and exhibition began.

T-40D semi trailer in the exhibition

All the process were operated by 2 workers within 40 minutes. T-40D roadshow container trailer combines a variety of functions including LED outdoor advertising, event stage, extension showroom, upstairs meeting room, and balcony etc. All of the functions can be built in less than one hour which can save a lot of time for outdoor advertising events. Siwun advertising container trailers are warmly welcomed by big brands such as Benz, Toyota, Bosch, Hyundai, Acura and other brands.