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Siwun creative mobile roadshow education container truck attracted the Director General to inspect

April 30, 2018

Siwun has completed a customized mobile T-40D roadshow safety education container truck on 26th, April. The Director General of Guangzhou Administration of Work Safety, Mr. Biao Huang, visited Siwun workshop and experienced the brand new education roadshow container accompanied by the General manager of Siwun.

The mobile T-40D safety education roadshow container truck is 40 feet length and combined with multi-function hydraulic designs. These two extended boxes can automatically move out by hydraulic system. After the stage unfolds, a huge mobile roadshow truck can easily complete. There are intelligent education equipment inside the roadshow container truck such as virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality. All these technologies are customized with safety software and games to improve the education experience and self-rescue skills.

roadshow education container truck inside decoration

Mr. Huang stepped into the mobile education roadshow truck and checked the outdoor 11sqm truck screen, 25sqm hydraulic stage and two deck art-deco decorated rooms. After Mr. Huang well visited the mobile roadshow truck and listened the design & operation of the truck, Mr. Huang spoke highly of this T-40D customized education container truck. He said that this kind of roadshow truck was good platform to enter into schools, enterprises and public places to organize impressive safety education and improve the safety awareness of the masses.

As the top brand roadshow truck manufacturer, Siwun is committed to providing all kinds of customized advertising trucks for advertising companies, groups and the government. These digital roadshow trucks have lead continuous influence on the OOH media in China.

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