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Siwun produced LED roadshow truck for Midea to start 2018 new ads campaign

May 02, 2018

In recent years, the township market has become the focus of the large enterprises in China. In order to seep into the town market and develop a new customer group, Midea air conditioning launched "quality to the town, beauty of China" road show caravan on May, 2018.

As the top roadshow truck manufacturer in China, Siwun produced the customized roadshow caravan for Midea. The roadshow caravan is a brand new marketing tool with brand promotion, interactive experience and sales consultation. It covers a variety of functions including outdoor advertising, multimedia advertising, promotion material storing, personnel distribution, entertainment performance and product display on a truck. Compared with the traditional fixed-point promotion model, Midea roadshow caravan can move through the cities and towns, and can reach the target audience with the maximum range and precision. Midea adopted this way of promotion to bring high quality products and new models to villages and towns.

 LED roadshow truck for Midea

A series of performances from the promoting teams supported the activity of the scene, and the host broadcast with the big screen video to introduce the hot selling Midea products. Participants had a deep understanding of products and brands. Promoting Activities were constantly gathering popularity through the interaction of award-winning questions, scanning free raffle, interesting games and generous gifts provided for consumers with more shopping options.

The exhibition area of the beautiful air conditioning products on the roadshow truck is for the consumer to experience the beauty of science and technology from Midea, and let the consumers get new experience of diversified shopping.